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Water Damage

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Your iphone fell into the water.  It won’t turn back on, the screen is black, and its not responding.  Water damage is on the verge of killing your device.

In South Florida there are MANY ways to get your phone wet and we’ve seen them all.  From bathing suit pockets into pools, off the side of a boat while fishing, into a puddle during a rain storm, or.. the most deadly and common of water traps.. the dreaded toilet water.

Water is not the end of your device.. We can still save it!

You are in luck! We repair water damage on ALL devices with the lowest price, highest quality and fastest repair in town guaranteed.

At Repair 2 Fix We have the right tools, the best equipment, and technicians that go above and beyond to perform the most difficult repairs on today’s devices.  Feel confident that with us your device is in the right hands.

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